Micro-Star Quality Control Measures

We are a computer store first and foremost. We are not a broker, we do not receive computers on pallets and immediately ship them back out, we fully test each and every system. If you buy a bulk quantity of computers from a broker at an extraordinarily low price is it worth having the problems and headaches because of lack of proper testing in exchange for saving a few dollars?

Every hard drive we sell (or install inside a computer) is fully low-level formatted with Disk Manager hard drive utility, all sectors on the drive are sequentially read and written to, then read back from the original testing sector, next we run PCpro hard drive utility and run a hi-low seek, funnel seek, track to track seek, random seek, linear verify and random verify on each sector, next we use the old fashion ms-dos format and if the testing drive tries to recover any allocation units it is sent to our recycle area. By the time all our sector integrity tests are completed without interruption you can be assured the drive will truly be error free.

Hard Drive Testing Area

Each and every monitor we sell is burned in for 4 hours, this eliminates selling a monitor that may blur or become erratic once it gets hot.

Monitor Testing Area