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Our address is 11216 N. Nebraska, Tampa, FL 33612 (Tampa, Flea Market), we are located in the back left corner of the market

We will ship any of the items below, call or email us us for shipping quote (please state your zipcode),

** We broker hard drives and memory so if you need a large quantity of either let us know for special pricing **

Call us at 813-667-1000, call to check availabilities

~~~ 30 day warranty on all parts ~~~

Used Computer & Laptop Memory & Hard Drives


>>>> Computer Specials <<<<<

HP 3.16MHZ Hyperthreading Desktop (small form factor)
Windows XP Pro(With license)
1GB memory
80GB hard drive
60 day warranty
Dell Optiplex 755 small form factor computer (I-5)
Core2 Duo 2.4GHZ Windows XP Pro(With license)
2GB memory
160GB hard drive
DVD player
60 day warranty
Dell Optilex 380 Desktop Tower, With Windows 7 Pro (With license),
3GB memory
250GB hard drives
DVD Writer
60 day warranty
Dell D610 Laptop
Pentium 4 2ghz(core2 duo) XP Pro (With license)
1GB memory
80GB hard drive
60 day warranty


Desktop Memory Prices Laptop Memory Prices
256MB Desktop sdram - $4/ea. 256MB Laptop sdram - $6/ea.
512MB Desktop sdram - $4/ea. 512MB Laptop sdram - $6/ea.
256MB Desktop ddr1 - $2/ea. 256MB Laptop ddr1 - $4/ea.
512MB Desktop ddr1 - $2/ea. 512MB Laptop ddr1 - $8/ea.
1GB Desktop ddr1 - $5/ea. 1GB Laptop ddr1 - $18/ea.
256MB Desktop ddr2 - $1/ea. 256MB Laptop ddr2 - $2/ea.
512MB Desktop ddr2 - $2/ea. 512MB Laptop ddr2 - $3/ea.
1GB Desktop ddr2 - $6/ea. 1GB Laptop ddr2 - $4/ea.
2GB Desktop ddr2 - $14/ea. 2GB Laptop ddr2 - $16/ea.
1GB Desktop ddr3 - $2/ea. 1GB Laptop ddr3 - $3/ea.
2GB Desktop ddr3 - $6/ea. 2GB Laptop ddr3 - $8/ea.
4GB Desktop ddr3 - $22/ea. 4GB Laptop ddr3 - $25/ea.

Used Desktop SATA Hard Drive Prices Desktop IDE Hard Drive Prices
80GB Desktop SATA Hard Drive - $8/ea 40GB Desktop IDE Hard Drive - $4/ea
120GB Desktop SATA Hard Drive - $10/ea 80GB Desktop IDE Hard Drive - $10/ea
160GB Desktop SATA Hard Drive - $15/ea 160GB Desktop IDE Hard Drive - $10/ea
250GB Desktop SATA Hard Drive - $20/ea 500GB Desktop IDE Hard Drive - $40/ea
500GB Desktop SATA Hard Drive - $35/ea
1TB Desktop SATA Hard Drive - $49/ea.

Laptop SATA Hard Drive Prices Laptop IDE/PATA Hard Drive Prices
80GB Laptop SATA Hard Drive - $15/ea. 20GB Laptop IDE Hard Drive - $10/ea.
160GB Laptop SATA Hard Drive - $20/ea. 40GB Laptop IDE Hard Drive - $20/ea
250GB Laptop SATA Hard Drive - $25/ea. 80GB Laptop IDE Hard Drive - $30/ea.
500GB Laptop SATA Hard Drive - $35/ea.
1TB Laptop SATA Hard Drive - $59/ea.

Motherboard Specials (all tested, ready to go) **
Gigabyte GA-8LD533 Pentium 4 @ 2GHZ Motherboard - 512MB With CPU - $25
Jetway Computer 865GDMP @ 3GHZ Motherboard - 512MB With CPU- $50
MSI MS-6524 GL Celeron 1.7 Motherboard - 512MB With CPU - $20
Tyan 2.8GHZ Dual Core Xeon S2727GNN Socket 603 Motherboard-1GB W/CPU (server board)- $200
We have over 20 different motherboard/cpu combos in stock (all with manuals)


Daily Specials
  • New Wireless USB Key (with Antenna) - $20
  • New 8GB USB flash drives - $10
  • New 16GB USB flash drives - $20
  • Pentium 4 (3GHZ) CPU (800FSB) - $20
  • 17" LCD Monitors - $20
  • 19" LCD Monitors - $30
  • 20" LCD Monitors - $45
  • 22" LCD Monitors - $65
We also carry other items (new and used);
  • Laptops
  • Laptop power supplies
  • Computers
  • Monitors
  • Routers
  • Projectors
  • Accessories (keyboards,mice, cables etc....)