Microstar Hard Drive Sanitize Division
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We are always looking to buy large quantities of Windows used software, used CPU chips, used memory chips, used hard drives, used monitors, used cdroms, used memory ram, used printers, used motherboards, used sdram, used modems, used video cards, such brands like; Pentium, AMD, Seagate, Western Digital, Dell, IBM, HP and others, as well as other computer related items which companies could sell after upgrades. We also buy and sell used electronic equipment.
Our Hard Drive Erasing/Destroy Methods
We santize hard drives in line with Department of Defense standards. Many people think destroying the hard drive physically there would be no chance of recovering data, however, even some of the smallest pieces of a hard drive platter can contain data that can be reconstructed through forensics. If we are not able to wipe the drive by conventional means we take extra means to destroy every piece of a hard drive platter that may contain data. The drive is then is buried underground (disassembled).
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